Principles of Our Big Backyard

Our Big Backyard:

  • Has a ‘people focussed’ emphasis – which encourages social and family cohesion.
  • Involves multiple agencies and groups early in the OBBY establishment process.
  • Provides a platform for authentic children’s voices.
  • Includes a range of different groups, such as Aboriginal communities and people with disabilities.
  • Its purpose is loose, as well as meaningful (balance between being loose enough to allow for communities’ needs and interests, but meaningful enough to warrant effort).
  • The process is scalable (reserve vs whole state).
  • Has an educative component – tactile and aligns with curriculum – encourages and allows for creative and imaginative play.
  • Is accessible to multiple age groups and backgrounds.
  • Provides just the right amount of information – not too much as to show what people don’t know, there is a need to encourage a sense of wonder in the world and engage people in simple activities.
  • Is inviting, in order to excite people enough so that they want more information.
  • Encourages and empowers parents to teach their children.